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No Fee Quick Loans never share borrowers' data with a third party. We are very sensitive to and particular about data protection.

We do business on the basis of customer satisfaction and safety only.

If customers' interests are hurt, we will also suffer, we believe. We get multiple offers for using our database for marketing promotion and so on. But,we vehemently deny such offers.

Our core business is arranging loans. We want to remain in this business only for years to come. Whatever information you share with us, are common information actually.

We don't take your information in detail. This information is shared with the lender only, and nobody else.

Only exception to the rule is the legal issues. If some legal issues arise, and we are asked to provide borrowers' data, we have to share your information.

You know that we can't deny in such cases. We will be held liable if we do so.

System protection is linked to data protection. If the system is compromised, data will become vulnerable.

That's the reason; we use latest software and Internet security to guard against malicious attacks. Our IT experts are continuously at work to maintain the system.

When you apply for a short term payday loans or cash loans for bad credit, the system asks you to create an account first?

It segregates the data which helps in database management. While applying you have to fill in your data in the specified columns only.

Simultaneously, we also request you not to share your log in information with anybody. It might endanger your personal safety.

Your approved data helps us in another way too. When you apply for a loan in future, we are able to give you faster service because of your approved data which is ready to use.

Last but not the least, we collect your information only when you apply for a loan. If you only visit our site, we don't request you to share your details.

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